How much skincare product should I use?

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Your guide to how much skincare to apply.

Got your big jar / bottle / tube of skincare but don't really know how much you should be using?

You're not alone. Knowing how much of a product to apply and how frequently you should be using it is a tricky topic. We need to make sure we're applying enough to get the intended results while avoiding any excessive and wasteful over-use (who wants to throw their hard earned money skincare down the drain?).

How much product to use?


As a starting point, we should be cleansing twice a day, morning and evening. Like a ritual. No questions asked.

How much cleanser to use depends on:

  • If it's your morning cleanse - one raspberry
  • If it's your evening cleanser - one or two raspberries

If you've worn makeup or SPF (which you should be) in the day, then it's really important to do what's known as a "double cleanse". This just means clean your face twice:

Cleanse 1: Removes your makeup / SPF

Cleanse 2: Actually cleanses your skin

Cleanse 1 can be achieved in a few ways - you could use a makeup remover or micellar water, or you could use the same (or even a different) cleanser you're planning on using in Cleanse 2. It's entirely your choice.


  • One blueberry.

Of course, it depends on the serum (and the size of your face), but a blueberry is a good guide.


  • For your face and neck - one heaped teaspoon
  • For the rest of your body - one heaped tablespoon per limb

Sunscreen is an essential every day (unless you aren't leaving the house or going outside at all). Sun damage exposes you to the risk of skin cancer, and is also the number 1 cause of premature skin ageing (otherwise called "photoaging").

Official recommendations (e.g. the American Academy of Dermatology) recommend a shot glass of sunscreen is about the right amount for an adult's whole body.


  • One or two blueberries.

Normally a juicy blueberry is a good guide for moisturiser. Of course, if you've got very dry skin / it's the middle of winter and your skin needs some extra love then you might need a bit more.

Is everyone different?

Of course. We are all different and each one of us has different skin needs. However, the principles behind how much of a skincare product to use remain the same for pretty much all of us. For example, it you're someone who has particularly dry skin, you might want to use a little more of a moisturising product - e.g. moisturiser or eye cream - compared to someone with a more oily complexion. The difference won't be radical though (instead, if you have particularly dry skin, it might be better to look for a different type of moisturiser - one that is richer).

What about different types of products?

There are gazillions of different skincare products out there. They have different ingredients, consistencies, and ways of using them. So, the amount of a specific product might be a bit more or less than our guide. For example, if you use a foaming cleanser, you'll probably use a bit more than a raspberry. This is where it gets complicated and guides telling you how much to use need to be seen as just that: a guide, not a definitive recommendation.

Taking out the guesswork...

We want to make skincare easier. That's why we put the perfect amount of product in our seaweed capsules. Each capsule is designed to be the right size for that particular product. No measuring, no guesswork, no waste. It means you can just get on with enjoying your skincare, without worrying about whether you're using enough of it to work, or so much of it that you're wasting your money.

The amount we use for each product:


A gentle, everyday cleanser (suitable for sensitive skin) to wash away makeup, dirt, and pollution, leaving skin clean, soft and smooth.


(or one raspberry)

Get my perfectly sized skincare


A mattifying, skin-perfecting serum to fight shine and blemishes.


(or one blueberry)

Get my perfectly sized skincare


A Vitamin A (otherwise known as retinol) serum (with an antioxidant boost!) for firmer, brighter, and smoother skin.


(or one blueberry)

Get my perfectly sized skincare


A soothing moisturiser packed full of nourishing goodness to keep your skin perfectly hydrated.


(or one blueberry)

Get my perfectly sized skincare

PS. Capsules also mean you have the right amount of skincare wherever you need it.

Ever found yourself struggling to pack your skincare into your airline liquids bag for a weekend away / your gym bag for your pre-work workout / your handbag before date night...? It's tough. Most skincare isn't designed to ensure you have the right amount wherever you need it. Instead, we end up either missing out parts of our skincare routine, or we bring the entire >100ml jar. Skincare capsules avoid this problem. They let you have the exact amount of skincare for a single application - just bring the number of capsules you need and you have great skincare wherever you need it!

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